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Korey + Austin

"One of the best decisions I made during my wedding planning process was hiring Robyn to help plan and coordinate! She was available whenever I needed her to help make recommendations on vendors and answer any and all questions I had. I am 100% percent sure my wedding day would not have gone so smooth without her there since we had to deal with the Hard Rock construction site being demolished and our hotel being on lockdown. Robyn moved mountains to get my fiancé and my vendors to me, keeping me calm and worry free on my wedding day. In the end, we had blue skies all day and a perfect wedding thanks to Robyn and the Blue Skies team!"


Emily + Brandon

"We hired Robyn for our wedding to ease some of the burden of coordinating last minute details, contacting vendors, and overall making sure everything ran smoothly the day of... and let me say.. she did just that! She met with us a few weeks before to go over all the details which definitely eased a lot of our anxiety. She was there in the morning while the bridal party got dressed to make sure father and mother of the bride were dressed when they needed to be. She made sure the bridesmaids had hair and makeup completed within a timely manner. She also was there to deal with some day of stresses (our bus had gone to the wrong location and before anyone was even aware she was on it and had them headed in the right direction!). She was constantly by my side throughout the day to make sure my dress didn’t drag on the ground and to make sure my hair and makeup looked good in my pictures (but not in an overbearing way whatsoever). She overall made sure we had a good non stressful time while also maintaining good time management. She was at the church to make sure our flower girl made it down the aisle, etc. And then she was with us at the reception to overall make sure everything ran smoothly, make sure my dress was bustled, got us drinks and kept an eye out if any of us needed anything. My dad (the penny pinching father of the bride) was skeptical about hiring a day of planner. After all was said and done... he stated, “Thank god Robyn was there. That girl was definitely worth the extra money!” Lol. Highly recommend hiring (at least) a day of planner. And would HIGHLY recommend Robyn. It takes a special person to coordinate the chaos that is usually involved with my family and she somehow did it! Robyn is the best!

Lexie + Anthony

"Robyn was my month of planner and we hit it off from the moment we met! She is super easy going and completely understood our vision. While she may have only been hired to be the month of coordinator she really was there for me for a few months leading up to the wedding. Thanks to her expertise she had a ton of great recommendations and I'm glad she convinced us to take a moment to ourselves before the reception began. It gave us time to connect and take in the fact that we were officially married. I truly felt like I could trust her with anything and she ensured our wedding day went as smooth as possible. I would recommend her time and time again!"


Brooke + Taylor

Can not say enough great things about Robyn and her company. My wedding day would not have been the same without her. She truly made the entire day so easy and relaxed. It was the best decision we made to hire her to manage everything! She is so professional and has been in the industry so long and knows everyone so that made me much more comfortable. Her experience did not go unnoticed. If you’re on the fence about hiring a company to plan or be the day of planner for your wedding, don’t think twice about it and I highly recommend Robyn for that. You do not want to be worried on your most special day about last minute things. Thank you Robyn for helping our wedding be beautiful and stress free!

Meredith+ John

We hired Robyn for our "month-of" planner for our wedding, but she was involved in every step of the way giving advice, suggestions, and recommendations. The day of the wedding was stress-free and so enjoyable because I knew Robyn had everything under control. She was in contact with all the vendors a month before the wedding and came up with a timeline that suited everyone's needs. We so appreciate everything Robyn did for us throughout the whole planning process, and we were sad to say "Goodbye" after the reception ended.

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